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Lee For Amare

Posted by Decker on 29th June 2010

It seems as if there is a good chance Amare Stoudemire is going to be leaving the Phoenix Suns this off-season. If Phoenix offers Stoudemire a maximum contract, he will likely stay. But with the collective bargaining agreement expiring, and the fact that he is often injured and lazy, Phoenix may opt to wish Stoudemire luck in his future endeavors. But with Steve Nash still on the roster, Phoenix is not rebuilding. And thus, they could make a play for free agent David Lee. Lee has put up great numbers in recent years for the Knicks, but will likely get booted in favor of superstars that the Knicks are going after. Lee is no Stoudemire in terms of talent, but his passion and durability surpasses Amare’s. D-Lee could be a good fit for the Suns.

by David at the Sports Fan Blog Network

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D-Train Entering

Posted by Decker on 2nd June 2010

In 2004, Diamondbacks fans would have been delighted to see their team land Dontrelle Willis. But in 2010, Arizona fans may not be too thrilled. In 2003, Willis posted a 3.31 ERA in his rookie year. That same year, he was selected to the National League All-Star roster, and he won Rookie of the Year honors. Two years later, Willis won 22 games, and posted a 2.63 ERA. Since then, it has all gone downhill. After being traded to the Tigers, Dontrelle had a mind boggling 9.38 ERA in 2008, and a 7.49 ERA last year.

After having a 4.99 ERA thus far in 2010, Detroit decided it was time to move on. And thus, Dontrelle Willis is now an Arizona Diamondback. It is rare to see a pitcher go through such a downward spiral when injuries were not the main cause. However, Willis is not a lost cause, as he has shown signs of greatness in the past. Whether or not he can go remotely back to his old self remains to be seen. The D-Train is now entering the station.

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Chances Blown

Posted by Decker on 1st June 2010

Losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals was the worst nightmare for Phoenix Suns fans. It added another playoff series lost to the last ten years or so. And more importantly, this could have been their last chance.

Many looked disappointed that the Suns fell short yet again. But, Amare Stoudemire looked more relieved than disappointed. Like many others in the upcoming free agent class, Stoudemire is looking forward to cashing in and making millions of dollars, while choosing a destination. If he leaves, there goes any glimpse of hope of Steve Nash winning a title for the Suns.

Without Amare, it would not leave the Suns with too much. Aside from Nash, they would still have many solid, nice, complimentary players. But they could kiss any hope of coming close to the NBA Finals goodbye.

by David at the Sports Fan Blog Network

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